Life is short to short to let your dreams fly by. Before you know it time sweeps over us snatching are youthful spirit and appearance and replaces it with a aging body and mind. Once a child we were all assuming life would work out the way we believed and dreamed it would, now at the age of 25 I know that statement to be untrue. Married, divorced with a child I have not even seen for a year, consumed with bad debt from credit cards and medical bills not to mention the daunting school loans I have amounted over the years. We all wish a magical genie could just come over and grant you a 5000.00 debt consolidation to bring you back on your feet, we all know though that banks do not loan money for those purposes. That would benefit you to much and not enough for them. Ok so my whole take on what has happened in my life so far is pretty much IM F—-d. Fortunately there are people out in the world that can inspire the same message they have in me and also spread it to the rest of the world. That is to become a entrepreneur and kick everyone’s ass in the business world! (thanks mark Cuban) and then to destroy all your enemy’s if you can pour boiling oil over your competition, (thanks kevin O’leary)  the real truth of the matter is if you work hard put the time in and sacrifice yourself and your time then success and be achieved when starting your new business. Kevin states that the success of sharktank and other entrepreneurs drives from the chase of freedom that we all seek from financial success. I believe this to be true. However my ultimate fire under my ass has been established by the fact that I would and Im sure everyone else in the world, would love to take care of all their family and friends financial woes and then to just enjoy life with them as we all should be able to. How I wish I could just by a house for my dad who wanders the streets continually being destroyed by the life of drugs and unfortunate luck/poverty. Through this I am reassured that there is a way to achieve ones dreams and I will not stop until I reach mine, don’t sell your self short and give up on yours….believe in yourself.